5V 2A USB Cable Lead Charger Power Supply 2.5mmx0.8mm 2.5×0.8 for Android Tablet

5V 2A USB Cable Lead Charger Power Supply 2.5mmx0.8mm 2.5x0.8 for Android Tablet

  • USB 2.0 Male Connector on one end and the 2.5mm x 0.8mm DC Plug on the other end for connecting into your Tablet PC.
  • This USB cable is a perfect solution for your tablet that requires 5V DC power supply from USB Port on your PC/Laptop or Portable Battery Bank/Power
  • Also this USB cable also can be used for USB Charger/Power adapter to deliver the Voltage to your device.
  • DC Plug Dimension: 2.5mmX 0.8mm
  • Length: 65cm

Features: 1. It can be applied to any devices with a 2.5 x 0.8mm port. 2. It can be used to charge your tablet from power source such as PC, Laptop, USB Wall Charger outlet, and USB Car Charger. 3. The plug is copper-clad steel and has a good contact with the device you use. Specification: Cable length: 70cm USB type: 2.5 x 0.7mm male plug DC Outside diameter: 2.5mm DC Indide diameter: 0.8mm Package include 1 x 2.5×0.8mm DC USB Cable

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