Become a Digital Pirate: Learn how to download movies, music, and more!

Become a Digital Pirate: Learn how to download movies, music, and more!

Why pay for your music, movies, games, or other media when you can get it for free!

Everyone in the world loves how digital media has changed everything from music, to movies, to games. The large majority of people purchase their favorite media with cold hard cash, but, many people feel that the price for these digital products is too high, and elect to pirate it.

If you want to download music, books, movies and more, the information in this book will give you the tools to do so, and the information you need to help minimize your chances of getting caught!

Digital Piracy has become main stream for most of the world. It may not be old world sailing ships on the high seas anymore, but it is no less controversal than ever. In todays world, even if you dont want to pirate anything yourself, it always pays to be educated on how such things work.

In this book you will learn:
The tools of the trade
Methods of piracy
Some of the philosophy of piracy

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