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DELL AE215 2.0 Speaker System - - (Speakers > Speakers)” /></a></p>
<li>Experience crystal clear audio in a compact design. Whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie at your desk, you can experience crystal clear audio with the Dell 2.0 Speaker System – AE215. The Speakers easily fit almost any desktop setup, so you can enjoy high quality audio whether you have a desktop or a notebook.</li>
<li>Enjoy high quality audio and bass tuned by Waves Maxx Audio® You can now experience premium sound at your desk, with the Dell Speakers. Professionally tuned by award-winning Waves Maxx Audio®, the Speakers deliver a surprising amount of full, deep bass that enhance the lower frequencies.</li>
<li>Save desk space with a compact, modern design The Dell Speakers feature a compact, modern design that fits in easily to almost any desktop setup. Whether you decide to place them just underneath your monitor or on either side of your laptop, you can enjoy premium sound without taking up too much space on your desk.</li>
<li>Plug in your favorite headphones for private listening The Dell Speakers also feature a headphone jack so you can plug in your favorite headphones for a private listening experience without interruptions.</li>
<p>Dell 20 Speaker System AE215 AE215 Speakers Speakers</p>
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