DrawPlus X5 (PC)

DrawPlus X5 (PC)

  • Pure vector illustration and artistic drawing
  • Full and flexible PDF import, editing and export
  • Versatile document types for art, marketing materials, web graphics and print projects
  • Editable vector painting with photo-realistic paint styles
  • Full support for pressure sensitive tablets including a built-in calibrator
  • Flash animation for web banners, videos, and fun puzzles
  • Automatic connectors and measurements for charts, trees, diagrams and plans
  • Convert photos into vector images
  • Special effects for graphics and photos

Use a graphics tablet or your mouse to sketch and trace designs then edit lines and apply smoothing to avoid shaky lines. If you like digital painting, there are lots of natural-looking media brushes like pencil, charcoal and pastels, as well as photo-quality paint splats, glitter, stitching, grass, fire, clouds and more. The pressure settings on your graphics tablet can be calibrated in the built-in Pressure Studio to enhance your natural drawing style. Instantly draw common shapes then change their colou

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