Free Software: Your Guide to Free Software Available on the Internet

Free Software: Your Guide to Free Software Available on the Internet

“FREE FTWARE: Your Guide to Free Software Available on the Internet” discusses the amazing volume of high quality software titles that are available for free – legally – on the internet. It is possible to equip your PC with a comprehensive software library covering most, if not all, of your software needs without spending a cent.

“FREE FTWARE ” presents over 100 free software titles spanning a wide range of applications; the book helps you learn where and how to find free software, and how to do so safely.

Before you spend money on commercial software, investigate the free options that are available – it is quite possible that a free alternative can more than adequately serve your needs and thus save you the expense of purchasing the often expensive commercial version. If you are in need of software and you are not aware of the wealth of free programs available on the internet, then this book could save you money, potentially a lot of money.

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