iFIT 2 Year Premium Membership [Online Code]

iFIT 2 Year Premium Membership [Online Code]

  • Train Anywhere in the World with iFit Powered by Google Maps
  • iFit provides a vast library of workouts and programs available for download
  • Train for your next event using programs specifically designed to help you reach your goal
  • All of your activity is wirelessly and instantly recorded to iFit.com
  • Train with Celebrity trainers, including Jillian Michaels, or view some of the most popular routes available on iFit.com
iFit is a revolutionary fitness brand that integrates with fitness equipment to provide personalized, “smart fitness” to your home training routine. With an iFit membership you gain access to an expansive library of training resources, including custom workouts, Google Maps training routes, an exclusive social media network, competitions, automatic stats tracking, and much more.Train Anywhere in the WorldWork out anywhere in the world with workouts powered by Google Maps. Run the streets of Paris, hike the trails of the Grand Canyon, or even ride stages of Le Tour de France. Wherever it is, iFit will take you there.With iFit, you can use Google Maps to plan training routes anywhere in the world. Run through Paris. Take a hike in the Grand Canyon. Or even cycle Le Tour de France!

System Requirements:
Processor:   Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
RAM:   512MB
Hard Disk:   1MB
Video Card:   Onboard video

Discount Price: £139.23
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