LoiLoScope2, Video Editing, DVD Creation, Blu-ray, Disk Creation Software

LoiLoScope2, Video Editing, DVD Creation, Blu-ray, Disk Creation Software

  • DVD/Blu-ray disk creation tool
  • Fast video output with Intel Quick Sync Video or NVIDIA CUDA technology
  • Create easily a SlideShow Movie
  • Send videos on your iPod, iPhone and share it on Facebook or YouTube
  • Send your private videos by a password protected email

LoiLoScope 2 is a video editing software for Windows that uses the worlds first game technology powered GPGPU video editing engine and an easy to use, intuitive interface for fast, real-time HD video editing for the average consumer. The technology behind LoiLoScope 2 allows you to take all the videos, photos and music that are stored on your computers, cameras, mobile phones, and other devices and easily edit them to create your own movie in a few simple steps. Once you finish creating your movie, you can save it to the various file formats that LoiLoScope supports, upload it to websites like Facebook or Youtube, save a file to watch you movie on a device, or you burn you videos to a DVD or Blu-ray disk. Since LoiLoScope uses the GPU, you can create this videos faster than every before, which means you can create your movies and then instantly share them with your friends and family. Download the free trial version of LoiLoScope before purchasing the software: http://loilo.tv/us/product/video_editor

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