Magix Photos on CD & DVD

Magix Photos on CD & DVD

  • Impressive slide evenings! Comfortably at home or with friends
  • Digital photo archive! Room again in the hard disk at last
  • The idea for a gift! Multimedial photo album, invitations etc
  • Convince creatively! With fascinating (business) presentations
  • Top quality! Comfortable picture restoration and processing
  • Interactive experiences! In TV or PC with general view menus and much more
  • Play on VHS tape (e.g. for friends without DVD player)

If you’re looking for a convenient way of storing and editing your digital pictures, then Photos on CD & DVD could be the answer.

Photos on CD & DVD allows you to take digital photographs from cameras, scanners, hard drives and more and organise them into folders and galleries, applying a level of editing along the way to remove blemishes, scratches, red-eye and other defects.

Once they’ve been error-corrected you can choose to create a slideshow of images, adding in a soundtrack and even text messages and notes to accompany each image.

Finally, the files can be collated and burned to a CD or DVD for distribution in a variety of formats, including DVD, VCD and Super VCD, which will play back on the majority of home entertainment machines and PCs.

For a simple package there’s a lot of variety here with literally hundreds of supplied background images and sounds to allow true point-and-click creation of distributable digital photo albums. –Chris Russell

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