PagePlus X5 (PC)

PagePlus X5 (PC)

  • Make Professional Printed and Digital Documents
  • Get Polished Results Quickly with Stunning Templates
  • Create and Fully Edit PDFs – the Portable Document Format
  • Stay Productive with Freely Available Help and Support
  • Look Your Best Whether Printing Professionally or on a Desktop
  • Craft Stunning Graphics in the Logo Studio
  • Fix, Enhance and Transform Photos Without Leaving PagePlus X5
  • Add Flair with Advanced Typography
  • Customise Your Workspace to Suit You
  • Share Documents Online, by Email, or for Printing

Boost your business, organisation or club with professional-quality advertising, sophisticated print designs and electronic documents from PagePlus X5, the best-in-class, award-winning desktop publisher. Whether you’re new to design or have prior experience, PagePlus X5’s intuitive workspace, eye-catching artwork, flexible features, broad compatibility and industry-standard output will give you the confidence to create fantastic publications yourself. And this version brings you even higher quality design,

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