R Programming For Beginners – For Data Science: Crash Course

R Programming For Beginners - For Data Science: Crash Course

Are you ready to learn a new coding language? Are you in charge of working with statistics or need to get through a large amount of data and you are worried about how to get it all done in a manageable way? Then it is time to learn how to use the R programming language. This language was designed with the idea of statistics and data analysis in mind and you will find that it can make your life easier in no time.

This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about the R programming language and how it can work out well for you. You are going to learn how to use this programming language, what some of the benefits are, and how to make tables, percentages, and charts to get the work done. Some of the other things you will learn inside this guidebook includes:

What is R programming
What are some of the fundamentals of using the R language code?
How to make vectors and matrices in the R language
How to work with the arithmetic functions inside this code
How to make a working directory
And some of the other tasks like functions and loops

When you are ready to find a program that can help you to work with your statistics and data analysis, it is time to bring out the R programming language and use this guidebook to learn how to make it work!

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