Rosetta Stone English (British) Complete Course (PC/Mac)

Rosetta Stone English (British) Complete Course (PC/Mac)

  • Learn by simply connecting words, images and sounds in realistic scenarios
  • start speaking from the very first lesson
  • build confidence fast
  • real life conversation scenarios
  • learn at your own pace
  • speech recognition technology
  • takes you from total beginner to conversational proficiency

English (British) Complete

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Microsoft Word 2013 32-bit/x64 English Medialess Non-Commercial (PC)

Microsoft Word 2013 32-bit/x64 English Medialess Non-Commercial (PC)

  • Place comments next to the text you’re discussing so it’s easy to track the conversation
  • Your documents are saved online to SkyDrive or SharePoint by default. Send everyone a link to the same file, along with their viewing and editing permissions, and be assured that everyone sees the latest version
  • Share your document with others even if they don’t have Word. Send them a link, and as you read through the document on your screen, they can follow along in their browsers

Open License provides discounts to organisations with between two and 500+ desktop PCs making a minimum order of just five software items. With Open License, organisations buy the licences outright with nothing more to pay. The discount is based on the size of the initial order but additional licences can be bought at the same price throughout the two year agreement term. Your organisation must have an existing Open License agreement before you can use this license version of the product. Please contact o

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Windows Server CAL 2008 English 1 Pk DSP OEI 5 Clt User CAL (PC) (This OEM software is intended for system builders only)

Windows Server CAL 2008 English 1 Pk DSP OEI 5 Clt User CAL (PC)  (This OEM software is intended for system builders only)

  • Simplified web server management with internet information services 7.0
  • task based interface simplifies common management web server tasks
  • cross-site copy allows you to easily copy web site settings across multiple web servers without additional configuration
  • delegated administration of applications and sites so you can give control to different parts of the web server to those who need it
  • centralised application access and seamless integration of remotely published applications
  • new deployments options to provide the most suitable method for your environment
  • robust and vibrant technical community to provide a rich experience throughout the product life cycle
  • protection of your server with security innovations that reduce attack surface area of the kernel, resulting in a more robust and secure server environment
  • enhanced solutions for intelligent rules and policies creation to increase control and protection over networking functions, allowing you to have a policy-driven network
  • protection against malicious software with user account control with a new authentication architecture
  • increased dependability with advanced reliability enhancements to reduce loss of access, work, time, data, and control
  • streamlined installation and management of windows server 2008 by installing only the roles and features you need

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 is the most advanced Windows Server operating system yet, designed to power the next-generation of networks, applications, and Web services. With Windows Server 2008 you can develop, deliver, and manage rich user experiences and applications, provide a secure network infrastructure, and increase technological efficiency and value within your organization. Windows Server 2008 builds on the success and strengths of its Windows Server predecessors while delivering valuable new functionality and powerful improvements to the base operating system. New Web tools, virtualization technologies, security enhancements, and management utilities help save time, reduce costs, and provide a solid foundation for your information technology IT infrastructure.FeatureProduct FeaturesTechnical detailsPlatformWin32 Software typeOEM System requirementsMinimum hard disk space10240MB Minimum RAM512MB Minimum processor1 GHz x86/1.4 GHz x64 LanguageLanguage versionEN

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Mother Tongue: The English Language

Mother Tongue: The English Language

Edition Penguin Reprint 1991. ISBN: 0-14-014305-X. Just light tan to paper edges. Other than that, the new and unread copy remains intact. Immaculate throughout. Text all clean, neat and tight. Prompt dispatch from UKWho would have thought that a book about the English language would be so entertaining? Certainly not this grammar-allergic reviewer, but The Mother Tongue pulls it off admirably. Bill Bryson–a zealot–is the right man for the job. Who else could rhapsodise about “the colourless murmur of the schwa” with a straight face? It is his unflagging enthusiasm, seeping from between every sentence, that carries the book.

Bryson displays an encyclopedic knowledge of his topic, and this inevitably encourages a light tone; the more you know about a subject, the more absurd it becomes. No jokes are necessary, the facts do well enough by themselves, and Bryson supplies tens per page. As well as tossing off gems of fractured English (from a Japanese eraser: “This product will self- destruct in Mother Earth.”), Bryson frequently takes time to compare the idiosyncratic tongue with other languages. Not only does this give a laugh (one word: Welsh), and always shed considerable light, it also makes the reader feel fortunate to speak English.

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