ABC6 Accounts Software

ABC6 Accounts Software

  • Takes care of the Bookkeeping and paperwork of any small business.
  • Designed for people who are not accountants and not computer experts.
  • Includes Invoicing, Stock Control, VAT Returns, Statements, Petty Cashbook, Daybooks, Audit Trails, and much more.
  • First launched in 1987, the software has evolved over the years due to feedback from users — now it does what they want.
  • You can also design your own Reports, write letters, print labels, work on cashflow forecasts.

ABC was created many years ago as an All-in-One small business package, aiming to help you with the mass of paperwork needed to do the bookkeeping and accounts in any type of business. Feedback from users over the years has dictated the continuing development work on the software, so we know it now does exactly what is required. Though of course we are still fine tuning (there’s a User Forum where people can comment and make suggestions).

ABC tries not to use technical accounting words (like debit and credit) and we have kept the screen looking as simple as possible. This causes accountants to regard ABC as a toy rather than a serious accounting tool. But under the surface ABC is a full double-entry accounts package, with every feature of rival products — and in many cases more attention to detail with options allowing it to be customised to suit virtually any trade or profession.

Reviewers have described ABC as old fashioned, and we can live with that — for goodness sake we even include a proper printed User Manual in the box, and that is definitely not the modern way.

Ideal for anyone starting up in business, ABC is used by sole traders, partnerships, up to large limited companies — and many people have been using ABC for 10 or even 20 years.

We can customise ABC to meet the requirements of your specific trade or industry, or link ABC Accounts to other software.

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