Clicker 6 Home User License (Single Computer)

Clicker 6 Home User License (Single Computer)

  • Clicker is used in 90% of UK primary schools and by many home users around the world
  • This award-winning reading and writing support tool is perfect for children aged 4-11
  • Clicker helps children of all abilities improve their literacy skills, including those with special needs
  • The child-friendly word processor includes speech feedback, word prediction, picture support and more!
  • Make you own activities or download hundreds of free resources from our LearningGrids website

Clicker is the award-winning literacy tool that enables children of all abilities to significantly develop their reading and writing skills.

Clicker enables children to learn and progress within an easy-to-navigate, motivating environment tailored to their individual needs. Clicker is suitable for children of all abilities, including those with dyslexia, learning difficulties, speech or language impairment and physical disabilities.

The latest version of the program, Clicker 6, includes:

Talking word processor – Clicker helps children find and correct errors and grow in independence and confidence by providing automatic speech feedback as they write.

Word prediction – Clicker’s intelligent word predictor suggests words that fit the context of your child’s writing, encouraging them to use more adventurous vocabulary. Children are able to create flowing pieces of text with accurate spelling and grammatically correct sentences.

Picture support – The Clicker 6 Picture Library contains over 2500 engaging pictures. The library makes it easy for children to illustrate their own books or documents, and for you to provide graphical support if your child needs additional help.

Tools for creativity – Clicker 6 includes a variety of tools that encourage children to express themselves, including built-in webcam support, painting tools and Click & Edit books.

Activity wizards – Clicker grids, books and pages give your child point-and-click access to whole words, phrases and pictures, helping them to construct their work more independently. The Clicker wizards make it very easy for you to create personalised sentence building grids, word banks, writing frames, talking books and much more!

Access ready-made activities for free – Haven’t got time to make your own activity? There are hundreds of topic-specific resources for Clicker available for free on our LearningGrids site! The site is updated every two weeks, and can be accessed directly from within Clicker.

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