CODE Magazine – 2016 Nov/Dec (Ad-Free!)

CODE Magazine - 2016 Nov/Dec (Ad-Free!)

F#! – Box up your Microservices with F#! We close out 2016 topics with a look at languages – from the Resurgence of XAML, to Data Science using Python, to Swiftly moving from Objective-C, Azure and more!

This is the ad-free version of this publication.

Table of Contents:
*) Shokunin
*) The Journey to Angular: Part 4
*) Angular 2 Forms
*) Simplest Thing Possible: Dynamic Lambda Expressions—Part 3
*) Moving Forward: The Transition from Objective-C to Swift
*) The Resurgence of XAML
*) Case Study: Writing Microservices with F#
*) Introduction to Data Science using Python
*) Azure Skyline: Using WebJobs for Event-Driven, Asynchronous Services
*) On Strong Teams

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