DarkBASIC (The Ultimate 3D Game Creator)

DarkBASIC (The Ultimate 3D Game Creator)

  • Over 45 demo games
  • Over 25 tutorials
  • Extensive user manual
  • More than 1,500 textures, models and sound effects
  • A massive selection of 2D & 3D features
  • Total flexibility and control

DarkBASIC 3-D Game Creator Kit gives you the chance to create a rival if you’re hooked on Quake III, Gran Turismo or Star Wars and can’t wait for the next instalment to come out. If you’re an experienced programmer then you will be making games in a matter of minutes, but don’t worry if you’re not: this utility will guide even novices through the basics of game making, allowing you to have fun creating while expanding your knowledge.

Its simple-to-use interface allows you to go from command-line programming to game-play testing in one easy function-key press. The 25 in-programme tutorials guide you through all the different elements of the programme, using 45 demos to show you line by line how to make your creation. You will be playing your own first-person shooter or flight simulator in a matter of hours.

The package includes many features to make your games even better, such as the ability to add music and import your own graphics for use within games. Included within the DarkBASIC package is Microsoft’s Direct X: this powerful utility handles all the hardware in your PC, such as the graphics card and sound card, allowing you more time to concentrate on creating the game. Also included are tools for making music and animating graphics, so everything that you need to get going is here on the two-disk set.

There are more than 45 demos included on the disk so you can see how some working programmes operate. Also included are 600 textures, 120 sound effects and 900 3-D models to bring your games to life. Games can be saved as single, executable files so you don’t need DarkBASIC to run them, allowing you to share them with your friends and give the professionals a good run for their money. —Robert Hyde

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