Disney Hotshots Toy Story 2: Cone Chaos / Toy Shelf Showdown

Disney Hotshots Toy Story 2: Cone Chaos / Toy Shelf Showdown

  • Cone Heads: Play as Buzz your favourite Space Ranger
  • Three levels of difficulty
  • 10 different and exciting puzzles per level
  • Play alone or with a friend
  • Toy Shelf Showdown: Fun and exciting arcade game
  • Unlimited playability
  • For ages 3 and up

Woody has been abducted by toy collector Al McWhiggin and his Toy Story pals are off to rescue him. In Toy Story 2–part of the Disney Hotshots series–the toys are camouflaged as traffic cones and you have to guide them across the road to find their kidnapped friend.

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard you can quickly move the cones to the left and right as they make their way across the busy road. The fate of the likes of Mr Potato Head, Slinky Dog and Rex are literally in your hands as big lorries, racing fire engines and cars hurtle towards you.

As the Cone Chaos game gets progressively harder, the traffic speeds up. If it gets too tense, you can always take cover at a manhole. Overall this is a quick-paced game which is easy to learn and entertaining to play.

In the second game in this title, Toy Shelf Showdown, you help Buzz take on and defeat the evil Emperor Zurg. The task is to assemble a rocket ship while avoiding hostile robots and lots of bouncing balls. This is an action-packed game with lots of different twists and turns. Buzz can stun the robots with lasers and if you run out of shots, you have to find a battery for recharging.

Both animated games are introduced by Buzz and Woody and there are good clear instructions with the title on how to play and where to get help. This is your chance, as Buzz says, to go to “interactivity and beyond.” —Justin Hunt

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