Disney Junior Games Monsters, Inc: Monstropolis Mission

Disney Junior Games Monsters, Inc: Monstropolis Mission

  • 10 multi-level activities
  • Puzzling challenges
  • Goal-based games
  • Award systems
  • Encourage your child to discover, question, observe and understand

If you laughed your way through Monsters, Inc. the movie, then enhance your street cred one step further and treat your little monsters to Monstropolis Mission. The great thing about this CD-ROM is that, while it plays like a video game, it has all the educational qualities of a top-class software package.

All games are goal-based, and each step follows on logically from the last. Everyone starts at the bottom, in the mail room, but multi-level gameplay tied to award systems (earn an Employee of the Day, Month or even Year award) offers an incentive for progression. Once you’ve sorted the mail correctly, you’ll earn a promotion to the Parking Lot, where you must park the company cars. (Surprisingly, this is one of the highlights of the game!)

While all the activities involved are entertaining, each one stretches the brain and must be completed before the next can begin. The graphics are fine, and while they won’t get a PS2 player hot under the collar, they reflect the mood of the film and support the game well. Controls are responsive, and generally the package has a finish and refinement you would expect of the Disney name. It’s good family fun. —Lucie Naylor

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