Home Accounts 4

Home Accounts 4

Home Accounts 4

  • Keep track of unlimited bank accounts, credit cards, savings and investments
  • Set up automated standing orders and direct debits and pending bills
  • With bank reconciliation, muliple currency support, budgets for income and expenditure
  • Create projects and link to transactions
  • Visit our website to download a 30-day free trial

Home accounting software for the PC.

Home Accounts helps you manage your personal finances by keeping track of your bank accounts and identifying what you spend your money on. Home Accounts uses a simple form of double-entry bookkeeping that lets you record any payment or receipt against any income, expenditure, asset or liability account. An analysis of your transactions then shows you at a glance exactly what you spent your money on.

Bank Accounts
Create unlimited bank accounts for your cheque, savings and credit card accounts.

See at a glance what your bank account balances are and what standing orders and direct debits you have due for posting.

Use the account reconciliation screen to check what you’ve entered in the software agrees with your paper bank statement.

Import transactions from file using OFX, QIF and CSV file formats exported from your on-line banking site.

Create unlimited income and expense categories and sub-categories to analyse where your money comes from and where it goes to!

Create unlimited accounts for your assets, liabilities and investments and see at any time what your net worth is.

Automated Entries
Set up automated entries for your standing orders and direct debits. Automated entries can be for any frequency and can be for a fixed number of postings or can be set to run until further notice.

Budget for future spending
Set yourself a budget for any or all of your categories. Budgets are used to predict future spending and to compare actual spending against. See how your spending is doing against your budget in the “Spending Tracker”.

Home Accounts is produced in the UK.

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