How to increase DropBox Storage Quota for FREE.

How to increase DropBox Storage Quota for FREE.

Dropbox is one of the best cloud-based storage systems out there – it is better than Google Drive, Box or Icloud. If you want to save photos, docs, and videos securely and be able to access them from anywhere – then this is for you.

Dropbox is versatile and works with different clients from Apple Mac OS X, Linux, Google Android , Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows , Blackberry and all web browsers.
DropBox is very easy to use .It is no wonder that over 100 million people are already using the service.
However DropBox has one flaw. The Free accounts come with very low storage capacity- 2GB.

In order to increase your storage space , you can either do some tasks such as referring others and or you can upgrade your account. The Pro account of either 50 , 100 , 200 or 500GB will cost you 9.99$ per month ( per year) . A Pro 100 account costs .99 per month and 9 per year. There are also larger storage packages for teams that start at 1TB for 5 users .

In this book , strategies to increase your DropBox storage quota for Free are discussed.,If you are tired of forgetting your USB and dealing with complicated software programs then DropBox is for you. No longer do you have to email yourself documents in order to work on them from different computers. Find out how to increase its utility.

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