How to Watch TV Without Cable: A Complete Guide to Streaming & Free Over-the-Air TV

How to Watch TV Without Cable: A Complete Guide to Streaming & Free Over-the-Air TV

Getting rid of your cable or satellite subscription will save you money, so it’s no surprise that cord cutting has become an international phenomenon. But even as cable prices soar, it can be tough to make the leap. How will you watch your shows? Aren’t streaming services just for millennials? Do stations really still broadcast over the air?

That’s where this book comes in. This is the definitive guide to cutting the cord, packed with practical advice for newcomers and longtime cord cutters alike. Stephen Lovely, writer for the leading cord cutting site, will show you just how easy it is to take control of your content while slashing your bills. You can get your favorite shows for less – so why wouldn’t you?

You’ll learn:

  • How to save hundreds of dollars each year by cutting the cord
  • How to watch free over-the-air TV with an antenna
  • How to enjoy your favorite shows online with streaming services
  • How to choose the right streaming device for you


  1. Why You Should Cut the Cord
  2. Getting Started as a Cord Cutter
  3. Over-the-Top Streaming Services
  4. Free Over-the-Air TV
  5. How to Watch Live Sports as a Cord Cutter
  6. How to Watch Local News as a Cord Cutter
  7. Media Center and Media Server Apps
  8. Streaming Sticks and Boxes (and More)
  9. How to Choose the Right Antenna (and How to Set It Up)
  10. OTA DVRs
  11. Computers and Media Center PCs
  12. How to Add Private Channels to Your Roku
  13. How to Sideload Apps Onto Fire TV
  14. Raspberry Pi Media Center Projects
  15. How to Install Plex’s Unsupported AppStore

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