HTML Essentials: Web Design Made Easy

HTML Essentials: Web Design Made Easy

Ever wanted to get started with designing your own websites? It has never been easier! With HTML Essentials you have everything you’ll need to create your first web pages! Exploring the basics of web design and development you will not only learn how to create a website, but also understand how it operates. You will build your very own webpage from the ground up. This guide is a powerful tool for everyone wanting to get their own website up and running quickly without having to hire a designer or developer and all the ones who wish to gain ground in the web development sector.

Thousands of commands and complicated explanations condensed to the fundamentals on 40 pages. Don’t lose yourself in the depths of web development forums or hundreds of pages of matter-specific books. Get started right away and learn the basics with this easy to understand and beginner-friendly guide.

With this guide you’ll get:
• The basics of HTML and CSS within 40 pages
• Practical examples to help you understand what is written
• Exercises to test your skills
• Two knowledge tests to unfold the web designer in you
• HTML and CSS Reference to look up commands

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and now available on Amazon.
Dive into the depths of the internet and create your very own webpage now!

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