Jump Ahead 2000 Starting School Triple Pack

Jump Ahead 2000 Starting School Triple Pack

  • Eight songs to sing and learn
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • 6 phonic reading practise activities
  • 7 skill building activities
  • 11 skill-building maths activities
  • Adaptive learning technology

Suitable for youngsters aged four to five years old

Made up of the bestselling Jump Ahead 2000: Starting Maths, Jump Ahead 2000: Starting Reading and Jump Ahead 2000: Starting School, the Jump Ahead 2000 Starting School Compilation is exceptional value.

Updated for the new millennium, the individual CD-ROMs improve upon a tried and tested formula that will not only entertain school starters, but will aid their language and mathematical development and familiarise them with the classroom environment. In Starting School Mr Hopsalot the rabbit introduces your toddler to the classroom, with sing-a-longs, games and other activities to reinforce the basic skills: sorting, sequencing, telling the time, simple sentences and matching pairs are all part of the fun. But the really clever feature is that the software itself adapts to your youngster’s difficulty level, so that whether they are streets ahead or taking their time, they will be coaxed along and stretched to do better. And as a special bonus once all the hard work is complete, you can take photographs and store them in an album.

In Starting Maths your child can develop maths and logic skills without even knowing. Because he or she will be called upon to help in the preparations for the giant’s birthday: there are balloons to be blown up and sorted, ribbons to be measured, dances to be sequenced and guests to be catered for. Basic addition and subtraction are, of course, covered, but in addition there’s chance to test sorting, problem solving, differences and similarities and basic logic.

Starting Reading is the obvious yet perfect compliment to this selection, concentrating as it does on the linguistic pillars that will be of use throughout the rest of your child’s life. Spelling, grammar, rhyming and reading comprehension exercises are all presented as fun activities so that your youngster will be learning without noticing.

Friendly cartoon graphics make the Jump Ahead world colourful, fun and appealing, and this series has been developed under the guidance of educational experts to tie in with National Curriculum Key Stage 1. This is an excellent package for reception-class pupils (aged four and five), and it offers unparalleled value. A must-buy for school starters. —Sophie Lowe

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