Learning Ladder Year 4

Learning Ladder Year 4

  • Supports Key Stage 2 of the National Curriculum
  • Maths section covers fractions, decimals, comparisons and shapes
  • English section focuses on punctuation, grammar, spelling and comprehension
  • Interactive science world covers curriculum topics of forces, materials, light and sound
  • Progress chart monitors the activities and allows you to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Ages 8-9

Learning Ladder Year 4 has been developed with experienced teachers and provides the essential literacy and numeracy skills to help your child excel in education. Learning Ladder Year 4 is the fourth part of Dorling Kindersley’s powerful curriculum-based learning system. There are three easy-to-use steps to mastering each topic: One-to-One Lessons ò Practice Activities ò Interactive Exercises.

Main Features

  • Literacy:- Punctuation ò Improving Spelling ò Building Vocabulary ò Making Sentences ò Understanding Grammar ò Reading Comprehension ò Alphabetical Order
  • Numeracy:- Comparing Numbers ò Fractions & Decimals ò Negative Numbers ò Adding & Subtracting ò Multiplying & Dividing ò Solving Problems ò The Properties of Shapes & Space
  • Science:- A 3D interactive learning experience, covering science curriculum topics including: Life ò Forces ò The Earth in Space ò Light ò Sound & Heat ò Materials
  • Learning Ladder Year 4 supports the following:- National Curriculum in England, Wales and Northern Ireland ò Scottish 5-14 Curriculum Framework ò Irish Primary Curriculum

Learning Ladder Year 4 is a fantastic CD-ROM aimed at Year 4 children. It is structured so that children listen to a lesson and then carry out exercises that help to consolidate the literacy and numeracy they are learning as part of the school curriculum.

Exercises can be done at five different levels of difficulty, so that children are challenged and continue to make progress. For every 400 points that a child scores, they are rewarded with new pictures to use with the printing machine. As they gather more pictures they can enjoy making their own cards, invitations and labels, which can be printed out.

Children can also have lots of fun navigating around Science City and learning lots of facts along the way. For example, they can have a go at the science quiz and find out about roots, leaves and flowers. The progress tracker clearly shows how each child is getting on with a system of green and red lights. This would quickly show parents where more help is needed. —Amanda York

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