Lord of the Rings Two Towers Activity Studio

Lord of the Rings Two Towers Activity Studio

  • Quiz section
  • Desktop wallpaper selections
  • Screensaver selections
  • Paint and create
  • Interactive map of Middle Earth
  • Web links
  • Print Room (make posters, flyers, bookmarks, cards, calenders, party kits)
  • Character profiles

The Two Towers Activity Studio contains screensavers and wallpaper for your computer, character and location profiles from the film as well as a selection of paint-by-numbers style canvases and a design and printing kit for creating cards, calendars, bookmarks, posters and party invites.

The interface looks good: it’s stuffed with images from the film and it’s very easy to use; in addition, clips from Howard Shore’s evocative score play in the background. Each character profile includes a full colour photo and descriptive text, while the location profiles are purely photographic; there are more than 40 photos suitable for using as Windows wallpaper and nine screensavers (both can be installed with a single click). The print studio has basic features allowing you to type in some text to add to your card, invitation or one page flyer; the painting program allows you to print out pictures and colour them by hand, colour them first before printing or create your own pictures using a combination of freehand drawing tools and a library of pre-drawn images. Finally, there’s a quiz.

The Two Towers Activity Studio is a bit of a mixed bag. Not enough of the screensavers relate directly to The Two Towers and in the main, they simply rehash the wallpaper images as slide shows. However, for younger fans and those who have to have all things Lord of the Rings, it’s worth a look. —Rob Beattie

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