Meditation – The Ocean, Whales and Waltz Music [Download]

Meditation - The Ocean, Whales and Waltz Music [Download]

  • Uninterrupted Music
  • Slider shows how long track has played
  • Expand to full screen
Plug in your headphones or use your computer’s built in or connected speakers and relax and meditate to a half hour of this truly unique product.
The sounds of ocean waves, whale songs and beautiful waltz music make this a program you will turn to again and again.
Minimize it, use it in its normal screen or make it full screen, no matter how you have it, the sound and the sensations remain the same. Just hit the button when you are ready to return from full screen back to normal.

PC Minimum System Requirements: PC Recommended System Requirements:
  • Processor:   Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.70 GHZ
  • RAM:   500 mb
  • Hard Disk:   50 mb
  • Video Card:   None
  • Supported OS:   Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • Additional Requirements:   Program checks for proper version of Java. If it is not found, it will attempt to reach so the user can download and install it.

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