Music Director Gold

Music Director Gold

  • 9,000 royalty-free samples
  • 256 audio tracks in CD quality
  • 8 video tracks for making your own videos ((AVI, WME, MPEG)
  • eJay Audio Engine for perfect audio editing and sound quality
  • Non-destructive audio editing and producing – edits can be undone
  • eJay FX Studio with 4 slots for internal and external effects
  • Auto Time Stretcher-alter the tempo of the track without changing the pitch
  • Excellent audio effects in VST 2.0 plug-in standard

With Music Director Gold, top music software maker eJay lays down the standard for all audio software engines; and even if Music Director Gold is not without faults, it’s a standard that will be fairly hard to match.

Music Director Gold features 9,000 samples that can be mixed and melded onto 256 slickly organised on-disk tracks. The relatively foolproof interface allows you to swiftly locate just the right groove or lick, which you can then drag ‘n’ drop into your budding meisterwerk. As with all eJay products, the software automatically matches up the tempos and timbres, so there are no jarring musical mismarriages. The same goes for the effects, such as solo/mute, panorama and so on. One interesting add-on allows you to do funky stuff with Wave Editing and Time Stretching; another feature allows you to import or export your tracks as MP3s and data files. You can also make your own digital videos, and export them too; moreover, everything you make can be automatically backed-up to CD-ROM or hard disk.

So what’s the catch? Well, there’s nothing truly revolutionary about this kit, despite what some might claim; what is gratifying is seeing it all in one comprehensive package. —Sean Thomas

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