My First CD-Rom: Getting Ready For School

My First  CD-Rom: Getting Ready For School

  • Six easy to play games
  • Exciting array of activities to print
  • Songs, rhymes and animations
  • Allows child to play at their own pace
  • Monitors child’s responses, giving clues to ensure success
  • For ages 3-5

Dorling Kindersley has produced yet another outstanding and completely new interactive learning system– My First CD-ROM: Getting Ready For School–to help children develop key pre-school skills while providing parents with advice and information on child development. It has been written in consultation with Sue Robson, a renowned early years’ teacher, educational consultant and author, who is a senior lecturer at the Roehampton Institute.

Meet Zack, a Jack-in-the-box and friendly on-screen guide whose aim is to make learning fun. Hear his clear explanations and animated instructions on how to play the six easy games. Each one can be adapted to suit your child’s level of understanding and their fine motor skills. For example, choices can be made between using the mouse or the keyboard, or selecting different speeds or levels of difficulty, choosing between hearing letters as phonetic sounds or as names, and so on. This flexibility enables games to be adapted over and over again as your child’s skills develop, so building and developing a child’s confidence.

The package is designed for 3-5 year-olds, under parental supervision, or for slightly older children to use on their own. Progress can be monitored and difficulty levels can be adjusted according to age and ability. The games aim to acquaint and help children with the key topics covered in the first year at school, and include number recognition, logic, counting, mathematical language, shapes and sizes, spatial awareness, speaking and listening, letter recognition and letter sounds. Work sheets can be printed out which can extend learning beyond the PC. Buy this package for your youngster, and lay firm foundations with its highly effective approach to parent-assisted learning. —Susan Naylor

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