My First CD-Rom: Starting To Read

My First CD-Rom: Starting To Read

  • Four easy-to-play games
  • Exciting activities to print
  • Lots of songs, rhymes and animations
  • Includes a progress tracker to measure results
  • Game speed and levels of dificulty can be altered
  • On-screen help automatically adjusts, according to your child’s responses
  • For ages 3-5

Starting to Read is another excellent package in the “My First” series of CD-ROMs (and books) from the ever-popular publisher Dorling Kindersley–just the thing if you’re looking to support your child’s education at home.

Meet White Bear and Little Penguin as they invite readers to take part in four easy-to-play, interactive games: “Rhyme Time”, “Odd One Out”, “Alphabet Scramble” and “Master Lunch”, all of which use catchy songs and rhymes, clear and simple instructions, and appealing animations. Rewards are earned in the form of stickers and celebratory songs, and speed and difficulty can be adjusted.

On-screen help will adjust automatically, also according to the responses given by the user. All these situations have been designed to help children develop key reading concepts: letter sounds and phonics, upper and lower case letters, alphabetical order, rhyming words and spelling patterns. The package will also help extend and develop their vocabulary and vocabulary skills. Listening skills and PC skills, both so important in the information world, can also be practiced and broadened. The package is not accompanied by an instruction pamphlet, but simple instructions for installation are displayed on the CD-ROM itself and excellent, extensive support notes for parents on every aspect of the package can be accessed via the “Parents” icon on the tool bar. It is also possible to print out various items, such as name tags, invitations, birthday cards and writing paper.

My First Starting to Read provides learning experiences as games and activities that are exciting, lively, imaginative and fun, and will extend knowledge, confidence and skill, often without children realising. The package is aimed at 3-5 year olds who are starting to read, but it can also be used with older children requiring extra practice. —Susan Naylor

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