‘My Medical eCard’

‘My Medical eCard’

'My Medical eCard'

  • ‘My Medical eCard’ is a digital health passport to record your Personal Health Journal.
  • A personal, user-oriented, standalone, electronic medical diary.
  • A credit-card shaped USB that fits in your wallet.
  • Contains simple medical forms that can be completed by any lay person.
  • Handy in the event of an emergency.

‘My Medical eCard’ offers a simple solution to the saga of the Personal Electronic Medical Records. A digital health passport. A simple health record-tool that aids you to integrate, record, maintain, update, manage your medical and health activities, ranging from visits to the doctor, dentist, optician, beautician, therapist etc. A credit-card shaped USB device that fits nicely in your wallet. Scan and attach your medical documents, prescriptions, tests, results, x-rays, scans, medico-legal documents and anything else. Medical eCards are very handy in the event of an emergency. They are eco-friendly products that saves you from carrying bulky medical documents and repeating medical histories and medical tests, unnecessarily. ‘My Medical eCard’ is user-oriented, hence as a User, you are in complete control of the contents you record or attach or to your Medical eCard. The more comprehensive medical form comes with a pass-code for access. The Medical eCard is dispatched with blank medical forms. It is not linked to the internet or to any server. It is a stand-alone device. The contents recorded on the device remains on the device. As a User, can choose to save the contents of your Medical eCard on your personal computer or personal cloud space. Stay fit, healthy and on top of your medical records. Your medical records in your wallet.

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