Neck Top Programming: Don’t Try & Lose

Neck Top Programming: Don't Try & Lose

UPDATED HANDBAG SIZE VERSION with extra 42 pages of information on how Your Mind is like a powerful ‘Neck top’ computer. A computer we are born with on top of our neck, but unlike any new pc we buy from the shops This computer comes with NO INSTRUCTION BOOK No guidebook or manual – Until Now: -) From the moment we are born this pc is up & running and continues Installing, Updating & Deleting constantly everyday of our lives.. Yet many people are unaware of how they are in control of their neck top pc.. and even less are aware we are also programming each others neck top. Each and every time we interact with them! Just think how we send our children out into the world with the expectations and instructions to – Go Have Success! Yet no clue as to how to get the best out of their wee neck top computers. This book begins to make simple sense on how to use our neck top computers and achieve success easily and naturally Discover how you may be accidentally programming yourself and others (like our children) to make success a struggle if not impossible.. Using the everyday scenarios we find ourselves in within our family, jobs and relationships you’ll learn how to utilize your own neck top pc to run the programs (responses) you really want in daily life. This book should be make compulsory reading for all parents teachers and those who want to bring out the best in themselves & others.

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