New Masters of Flash (Book & CD-Rom edition)

New Masters of Flash (Book & CD-Rom edition)

Good and usable condition.New Masters of Flash is a showcase, a tutorial and an inspiration. Divided into 19 chapters each devoted to the work of a single Flash designer, it is international in scope and encompasses work ranging from the strictly commercial to the purely experimental.

Each contributor begins by explaining their general approach to using Flash, from their personal design philosophy and motivations to how they achieve the realisation of a project from concept to reality. Then it’s down to the practicalities–step-by-step explanation of how to complete an entire Flash project.

Todd Purgason, Creative Director at Juxt Interactive, demonstrates the tools and techniques he uses to create mood-setting audio loops for commercial projects. Luke Turner provides the secret ingredients to the text ripple effect that he has helped to perfect at The Void–and has been copied all over the Web. Fine art graduate, Andreas Odendaal, uses Flash 5’s 3-D Action scripting to create an interactive 3-D interface. Irene Chan’s intimate poetic pieces combine beautiful animated typography with dreamlike music to produce something of rare emotional impact.

And the results are stunning. From Olivier Besson’s wildly animated Globz logo to Yuko Nakamura’s interactively gooey Mona Lisa. The accompanying CD-ROM, itself a clever piece of Flash design, is packed with interviews, the book tutorials and the original Flash project files for you to disassemble.

Take a look at,, and When you see what’s possible, you won’t need to be persuaded to buy this book. —Ken McMahon

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