Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic (PC CD)

Numbers Up! Volcanic Panic (PC CD)

You’re in a Volcanic Panic! Your plane has crash-landed on an island that’s going to blow!

Roll the dice to gather fuel credits, outwith opponents and escape before the eruption!

Up to four players can compete together as they play Volcanic Panic! Each answers maths questions at their chosen level.

Beginners or maths brains all have a real chace of winning!

Covers: Addition, Subtraction, Numeration & Place Value, Multiplication & Division, Fractions, Decimals & Percentages, Ratio, Proportion.

Correlated with the National Numeracy Strategy Key Stages 1-3.

Over 7,500 teacher-created questions in 26 carefully sequenced levels.

Smart record-keeping tracks each players progress through the activities, showing points of strength and areas that need attention.

Advanced ‘Admin Options’ give parents control over the learning process.

Covers over 90% of the National Numeracy Strategy when used together with Edalive’s ‘Baggin’ the Dragon’

Single or multi-player, ages 4-15

Single or multi player.

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