PC DJ Dance Producer

PC DJ Dance Producer

  • Real-time Stereo Sequencer, melody & drum loop creator, simple drag & drop interface
  • Instant trim, pitch & loop
  • 600MB High quality royalty free samples
  • 19 fully controllable & independent audio effects
  • Intuitive zoom for quick and easy editing
  • Integrated sound editor with automatic beat slicing
  • WAV and MP3 support
  • Choice of interface skins – choose and easily create your own customisable look & feel

Some say that the dance revolution is over, and that nu-metal is the thang of the future; for those wanting to worship the old gods, PCDJ Dance Producer is one of tidiest DIY music-making software kits on the market.

Like all the savvy and stylish PCDJ set-ups, the software features a colourful and potent central console, which acts as your “base camp” for your assaults on Mount Techno. From this locus, the idea is you sally forth to sample, rip, loop, strip, peel, add, and warp the various sounds you download and shift about with your mouse. With a single click you can trim, pitch and loop the lengths and tones of your samples, add in special sound effects like flange and reverb (or filter and vibrato), and generally get creative with the riffs and paradiddles herein digitised. The beats can also be “automatically sliced”, the audio effects are “plug-in based”, and there are 600 megabytes of royalty free samples waiting for you to do the Muso Thing.

If there are criticisms, they are minor–perhaps a greater variation in percussion styles would be good, and a bit more interest on the vocals wouldn’t go amiss–but these are minor quibbles. For almost all DIY DJs, the PCDJ Dance Producer will take the disco biscuit. —Sean Thomas

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