Photo Art Master – Classic (PC)

Photo Art Master - Classic (PC)

  • Hundreds of creative ideas
  • Decorate walls
  • Make stunning and unique gifts for friends and family
  • Make eye catching posters, postcards, t-shirts and banners
  • Create beautiful family portraits
  • Liven up your website
  • Illustrate projects and coursework
  • Create professional logo designs
  • Produce comics or graphic novels
  • Make professional greetings cards

Using this unique and revolutionary software, absolutely everyone can create fabulous pieces of art “good enough to frame” in minutes. Start with a digital image and Photo Art Master automatically generates a wide selection of sketches, colours and monochrome palettes you can then mix and manipulate. The result is artwork so impressive, you’ll want to frame it and hang it on the wall or give it to someone as a gift. The classic edition creates 47 different picture variants that can be used and blended together to create your very own work of art.

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