Photo Art Master – Silver

Photo Art Master - Silver

  • Turn ordinary photos into fine art
  • Create 160 different picture variants
  • Decorate Walls
  • Make stunning and unique gifts for friends and family
  • Make eye-catching posters, t-shirts and banners
  • Create beautiful family portraits
  • Liven up your website
  • Illustrate projects and coursework
  • Create professional logo designs
  • Produce comics or graphic novels
  • Make personalised greetings cards

Produce ‘paintings’ from ordinary snapshots in minutes – in any style from abstract to impressionist, in media from charcoal to oils. So easy that anyone from 8 – 80 can use it, even the artistically challenged. The results really are remarkable and all you need is digital photo (or a scanner) and an ordinary colour printer. Frame your prints and you’ll have instant gifts for friends and family. The ‘Classic’ edition creates 47 different pictures variants, while the deluxe ‘Silver’ edition creates 160 variants.

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