Re INSTALL Repair Restore WINDOWS XP “HOME” PC Laptop Computer DVD CD Disc Disk


  • • Recovery Discs are created to be compatible with all PC’s running Windows XP operating systems. Works on virtually any make of Laptop or Desktop. Simple & Easy DIY and save your £££
  • • Custom Complete Recovery Disc Set by PC WORLD. We offer our Service & Support with our items. Be sure you’re buying From PC WORLD and get fixed right.
  • • Includes complete Windows Recovery Console: Repair or Recover or Restore or Fresh Re-Install any Windows XP on your PC/Laptop/Desktop!! Full re-install requires use of your own Product Key (the long alpha-numeric code usually found on the sticker on the bottom of a laptop-or in the battery case- or on the tower of a desk top)
  • • Drivers Disc Included- updating Windows and your PC’s hardware Drivers – ABSOLUTELY necessary for hassle free operation!!
  • • Immediate dispatch! Instructions included! Full support! Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money Back! We always give more than we advertise! We look forward to helping you get-it PC WORLD!!

Need to fix or Recover Windows XP HOME Premium Searching for a bootable disc to repair your non-booting Windows? Didn’t get a Repair/Recovery Disc with your computer? Don’t have access to any backup installation media? Just need a fresh install to use with your Key? Experiencing any of these problems: *Windows begins to load but stops or Reboots with an error *Windows repeatedly returns to the Advanced Boot Options Screen *”Fatal System” error or “Blue-Screen of Death” *Running Slow *Virus or malicious software problems *Spyware Windows computers can run for years without problems with appropriate maintenance, on the other hand, after installing new software, drivers or updates or due to malicious software infections, the operation system may suddenly crash and consequently fail to boot. This DVD can repair Windows operating system crash errors and restore your computer back to working condition. If a repair cannot be done, the disc can restore your PC to how it was when it was new This is your answer and will work on laptops and desktop computers. This item is not affiliated with Microsoft and does not come with any Product Keys. Use of your own Product Key is Required. Driver Pack Disc included for updating all drivers for Windows and your PC once your Windows Repair/Recovery is complete. An ABSOLUTE must if you want to get it right the first time!!!

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