Amazon Echo: A Simple User Guide to Get the Most out of Your Amazon Alexa Kit (Advanced Technology using Amazon Prime, Web Services, GPS, Kindle ebooks on Amazon Echo Book 1)

Amazon Echo: A Simple User Guide to Get the Most out of Your Amazon Alexa Kit (Advanced Technology using Amazon Prime, Web Services, GPS, Kindle ebooks on Amazon Echo Book 1)

Amazon Echo

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A Simple User Guide to get most out of your Amazon Echo Alexa Kit

The Amazon Echo is a smart device developed by Amazon to give voice responses to various queries. The Amazon Echo is a 9.15-inch wireless speaker which has an in-built seven-piece microphone array. The device uses the wake word Alexa but you can change it to either Echo or Amazon. The Amazon Echo device is capable of voice communication and can perform voice interaction tasks such as streaming podcasts, music playback, providing real-time information, playing audiobooks and making to-do lists, amongst others. The Amazon Echo can also be used as a home automation device to control smart devices such as your home lighting.

The Amazon Echo has been developing in Amazon’s Lab since 2010. Amazon has 126 offices located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Silicon Valley. During the early years, the Amazon Echo was only available to Amazon Prime members but become available all over the United States in 2015. The Alexa services crossed outside the United States into Canada in 2016.

The device works by actively listening to speech within its environment as it waits for the wake word to be spoken. The Amazon Echo also comes with a voice-activated and manual remote control that you can use alongside the wake word. To turn off the audio processing unit you may also do it manually by using the mute button on the system. For the Echo to work effectively, you need a low latency Wi-Fi internet connection that allows for the least processing time. The device’s voice recognition software uses the Amazon Common Voice and the Amazon Web Services platforms from IVONA, Yap, and Evi.

In this book you will learn some of the basic and unique ways to integrate Alexa into your daily life:

  • Setting Up Amazon Echo
  • Native Features
  • Easter Eggs
  • Applications in Daily Life
  • Connecting to Smart Home Appliances

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Amazon Echo: A Simple User Guide to get most out of your Amazon Echo Alexa Kit

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Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (2 PCs, 1 User)

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (2 PCs, 1 User)

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010* includes:
• Microsoft Excel 2010
• Microsoft Outlook 2010
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
• Microsoft Word 2010
• Microsoft OneNote 2010

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 brings together the roles of managing a business, running a household and helping with homework. Get the benefits of all the programs you need to be productive including Microsoft Outlook 2010–so you can tackle your busy day efficiently with powerful email, scheduling and social networking tools to keep your life and work in sync.

Traditional Disc Version

This version of Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business includes the software on disc, with a product key. It is licensed for one user to install on two PCs–a primary machine and a portable PC.

For customers buying a PC who need Office Home and Business 2010 for their new PC only, and don’t need to upgrade other home PCs, a Product Key Card provides another way to purchase Office with a PC.

Tackle Your Busy Day Efficiently

Enjoy Flexibility
Now you can easily post your Office documents online and access, share and edit them with Office Web Apps. It’s an ideal way to extend your Office 2010 experience to the Web.

Work Together
Brainstorm ideas, share notes and work on documents with others simultaneously thanks to the new co-authoring tool in Word, PowerPoint and OneNote.

Find It on New Backstage View
Replaces the traditional File menu to give you one go-to spot to conveniently save, open and print documents. Customize the tab commands to fit your individual needs so you can navigate tasks effortlessly.

Programs You Rely On
Microsoft Office 2010 is an industry standard offering our latest, innovative tools to make your documents richer and more informative.

Included Programs

Enjoy the same great features you know and love with Office and get some new ones when you upgrade to Office 2010.

Outlook 2010
Whether you’re working from home or on the road, Microsoft Outlook 2010 helps you communicate with important contacts, manage email conversations and monitor your schedule from your PC or remotely. Simply post documents to online folders to access and edit remotely. Get improved features including:

  • Sync multiple email accounts from services such as (Hotmail, Gmail) or just about any other provider to Outlook 2010.
  • Condense, categorise and even ignore lengthy email exchanges with a single click using Conversation View.
  • Save time with Quick Steps and customize the tasks you use the most down to a single click.
  • Share your calendar with others and access theirs, plus save frequently used groups of calendars with the new Schedule view.
  • Gain attention with your emails by using new graphic and picture-editing tools.

Word 2010
From school fundraisers to company reports when you use Microsoft Word 2010 it all comes together efficiently. Create documents using new photo-editing features, lively text effects, then easily share them online and invite others to collaborate. Get more new tools with Word 2010:

  • Add impact to your document with new picture-editing tools.
  • Better illustrate your ideas with diagrams by turning bullet-point lists into compelling SmartArt graphics.
  • Apply new formatting effects to your text such as shadow, bevel, glow and reflection.
  • Capture and insert screenshots directly into your document.
  • Communicate with ease in many languages with improved translation tools.

Excel 2010
Saving for retirement, keeping track of tax information, tracking business expenses–all are important financial decisions. Microsoft Excel 2010 offers clear insight with simple templates to help you build budgets and track expenses so you can focus on financial goals. Get more new features with Excel 2010:

  • Highlight data trends by creating data charts in a single cell with new Sparklines.
  • Find the right data quickly with new filter enhancement in PivotTable views.
  • Analyze data quickly. Highlight specific data with new and improved Conditional Formatting options.
  • Display data in a dynamic and interactive way with PivotChart views.
  • Spend less time sifting through data–use the new search filter to narrow down pertinent data to display.

PowerPoint 2010
Pressed for time on a major project? Get ideas down fast with ready-made templates, new photo- and video-editing features and eye-catching transitions all with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. Get more new tools including:

  • Embed and edit video files directly in your presentation.
  • Set videos to fade in and out and apply a variety of video styles and formats.
  • Broadcast your presentation online with new Broadcast Slide Show.
  • Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations.
  • Use slide sections to navigate, organise and print your presentation.

OneNote 2010
Gather a wealth of business information and resources all in one spot with OneNote 2010. Post, share and edit notes with coworkers online so everyone can work at the same time with real-time updates. Get more new features with OneNote 2010:

  • Use quick filing to organize notebooks, ideal when you’re working on multiple projects.
  • Apply styles and formatting to selected text to another paragraph with the new Format Painter.
  • See results as you type with improved Search functionality and view a prioritised list of Search results.
  • Easily organise and jump between your notebooks with the improved notebook Navigation Bar.
  • Take notes while working in Word, PowerPoint or in Internet Explorer and automatically link them.

Need the very best tools to grow your business?
Step up to Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business and get a comprehensive suite of tools and services to keep you organised, connected and competitive–including Access for complete data management and Publisher to create professional-quality marketing materials.

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Office for Mac Home and Business Edition 2011 (1 User, 1 Mac)

Office for Mac Home and Business Edition 2011 (1 User, 1 Mac)

  • Digital Download means no waiting for the post
  • Unique Genuine Product Key
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook
  • Full Commercial License
  • Vat Included in the Price

Microsoft Office For Mac Home And Business 2011
• Product Description : Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Business 2011
• Category : Office applications
• Subcategory : Office applications – office suite
• License Type : Complete package
• License Qty : 2 installs
• License Pricing : Standard
• Language(s) : English
• Platform : MacOS
• Distribution Media : DVD-ROM
• Package Type : Retail
• OS Required : Apple MacOS X 10.5.8 or later

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