Zu3D Animation Software – Original

Zu3D Animation Software - Original

  • Use Zu3D to create animated films quickly and easily using any webcam
  • Add sound effects or music from the Zu3D Media library or record your own!
  • Add exciting titles and credits to your film.
  • Used in over 1000 schools in the UK
  • Recently recommended by PC Pro as an ‘intuitive and surprisingly powerful piece of software’

Bring your imagination to life with Zu3D

Zu3D is easy to use stop-motion animation software that enables children to create high quality films easily and independently.

Zu3D was developed with primary school children and a professional animator to give a polished intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features.

Animation is not only a fun activity but is recognised by teachers as benefiting many areas of learning


-Works with any webcam
-Instant playback so you can review your animation
-Easily adjustable frame rate- change the speed of your film
-Cut, copy, paste and reverse sequences of frames
-Import music and sounds or record your own narration
-Create Exciting titles and credits
-Onion Skinning’-Overlay frames on live video
-Make your film into a flip book with Zu3D’s easy to use Print Wizard
-Unlimited layers of audio and video
-An extensive media library
-Export your film as a WMV, AVI or FLV file and share with the world on You Tube, Facebook or the child moderated gallery on www.zu3d.com

Software requirements

Minimum Specification:

Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC,
1.4Ghz or equivalent processor,
512MB RAM (1GB for Vista or Windows7)
350MB Disk Space,
800*600 resolution screen.

Recommended Specification.

2.06Ghz+ Processor,
2GB RAM(Vista/Windows7),
500GB+ Disk Space,
1024*768 or greater resolution screen.

Discount Price: £34.99
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Zu3D Animation Kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X and iPad iOS: complete stop motion animation kit with camera, software and animation handbook

Zu3D Animation Kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X and iPad iOS: complete stop motion animation kit with camera, software and animation handbook

Zu3D Animation Kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X and iPad iOS: complete stop motion animation kit with camera, software and animation handbook

  • Everything you need to create amazing animations, Zu3D software is used in thousands of schools on PC, Mac OSX and iPads.
  • Now includes two licenses for the fully featured Zu3D Animation software (complete with a library of sound effects, music, artwork and effects ) As well as animation webcam, animation handbook ,mini set, green screen and modeling clay!
  • PC Pro recommended – *5 stars* – “Powerful stop-motion animation, with tools to suit both primary and secondary school children
  • High quality webcam & mic on a sturdy adjustable stand, ideal for animation
  • Mini animation set and green screen fabric to create a green screen studio and 8 strips of top quality modelling clay

Bring Your Imagination To Life!

Get animating with the Zu3D Animation Kit, includes:

-Zu3D animation software
-Quality animation webcam
-Zu3D Animation Handbook by Helen Piercy (author of The Animation Studio)
-Modelling clay
-Green cloth
-Mini set

Stop-motion is a brilliant way to bring out everyone’s creativity & imagination. The Zu3D Kit makes it incredibly easy to get animating. Used in thousands of homes & schools across the UK, Zu3D allows you to create complete animated films with sound effects, music, titles & credits quickly & easily.

Now containing the Zu3D Handbook. Helen explains how to get started and packs the book full of all her favourite tips & tricks. She’ll help you to create exciting characters, produce storyboards, show you green screening, special effects & more!

Zu3D is an ideal gift, children can create films about anything & everything, using; Lego, Playmobil, Plasticine, the sky’s the limit…. ! Zu3D can be used independently or in groups, once you have finished your animations, upload them to YouTube to share with friends & family.

Zu3D Software
-Playback your film at any time
-Speed up and slow down your film
-Copy, edit, move & delete frames
-Onion skinning
-Import sound effects and music or record your own
-Extended library of sound effects & music
-Unlimited audio & video tracks
-Add titles, credits & speech bubbles with exciting styles.
-Time lapse
-Import images & video
-Import animated gifs/special effects
-Export as MP4 and upload to YouTube or the Zu3D Gallery
-Automatic green-screening/chroma key
-Create drawn animations & draw onto captured frames

Minimum Spec
PC: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
MAC: OSX 10.8 & up
1.4Ghz or equivalent processor
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
350MB disk space

Discount Price: £49.95
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