Test Automation  best practices: “Won the Best Automation Book Award in TestKit 2014”

Test Automation  best practices:

In this brief, well-organized exposition, George breaks down and simplifies the primary aspects of Test Automation. He covers its cost effectiveness on software products, how that is affected by the maintenance life of the product, and how to prevent and protect features from breakage.
From Feasibility to Knowledge Transfer, from test controls to test reporting functions, we are carried step-by-step through the basics of Automation, as well as through the simple process of providing an Automation Suite for a particular product or project. Read on and find the answers to these questions. Read on and determine whether or not Test Automation is for you.

The book won the best automation book of the year award by voting in 2014 in the “TestKit” event organized by Automation Testing Institute. Till Date more than 150 copies have been sold via Amazon.

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