The People of the Crater

The People of the Crater

Garin Featherstone is the main hero of this original and quite outstanding sci-fi story. Having led a decisive air strike against the enemy in the war, he now finds himself without a job and without much hope for the future. Fortunately, he manages to secure a position flying a cargo plane for an Antarctica expedition.

His employer, Gregory Farson, hires another two pilots to fly to the same location, but on the way, they witness a strange blue column of air. As they fly into it, things start to get spooky, and Garin realizes that he no longer has any kind of control over his plane. Finally, their planes crash near a crater, and what follows defies any explanation Garin might be willing to venture.

There are several important points that need to be made about this book. First of all, its originality has moved many readers throughout the years, and not without reason. The storyline is quite amazing, and the characters are complex and likable enough to gain your attention. Secondly, the book itself is very well-written, and you will find it guides you gradually from the boring humdrum of everyday life to an incredible adventure that anyone would find hard to believe, but that, strangely enough, feels very natural as you keep on reading.

This is one book you will not easily be able to put down. The adventures and challenges faced by Andre Norton’s unlikely heroes will be well worth waiting for, and you will also realize that the book offers a far more interesting and magical view of modern day fantasy than you would expect.

Anyone interested in sci-fi combined with fantasy and adventure will simply love The People of the Crater. Read it, and you will soon see the exciting tasks that Garin has to complete start to unfold.

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