The Times Education Series GCSE Chemistry

The Times Education Series GCSE Chemistry

  • Contains a full course content index
  • Easy to install
  • Contains comprehensive teaching material to cover the National
  • Curriculum Syllabus
  • Retains student interest with high quality animation and graphics
  • Stimulates learning through interactive exercises
  • Supported by technical help phone lines

Written by practising teachers, The Times Education Series GCSE Chemistry is an interactive CD-ROM designed to be both a study aid during the two-year course and a revision top-up when you’re preparing for the actual exam.

It’s divided into six chapters and covers Basic Chemistry, the Atomic Model, Uses of Chemistry, Chemical Reactions, Measurements, along with Chemistry and the Earth. Within each chapter you’ll find various sub-topics covering the key items in the syllabus including elements compounds and mixtures, gas laws, atomic structure, allotropes, acids and alkalis, the Periodic Table, rates of reaction, titrations, changes to the atmosphere and geological changes.

What distinguishes this from a printed text book however, is the level of interactivity, especially in the Experiments section where you’ll find nine “virtual” experiments you can do on the computer without having to prepare all the equipment and clean up afterwards. These include flame and gas tests, evaporation and dissolving, combustion, determining empirical formulas, how temperature affects the rate of reaction and the principle and effect of concentrations. It’s very like the real thing. In the flame tests, for example, you’ll see eight 3-D bottles on the screen. Pick one and you’ll then watch as it’s introduced into a Bunsen burner flame–your job is to note the result and then name both the element and its chemical symbol. If you get stuck, you can click the Help button for context sensitive hints and tips.

Elsewhere the Tests & Achievement section quizzes you on the contents of the course, though rightly points out that the results–which you can review at any time–shouldn’t be taken as an accurate guide of how you’ll do in the final exam; you’re not given marks for showing working out, for example.

In all, this is an excellent product that will support a motivated student throughout the GCSE Chemistry course. The Experiments section also makes excellent use of the multimedia features of your PC. —Rob Beattie

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