The Times Key Stage 3 Physics (Ages 11-14)

The Times Key Stage 3 Physics (Ages 11-14)

The Times Key Stage 3 Physics (Ages 11-14)

  • Written by a team of curriculum teachers and educational specialists,
  • An innovative combination of quality 3D animation, music, and narrated text
  • Contains a wide range of interactive quizzes, tests and games
  • CD ROM 1 Forces, Motion, and Energy Changes
  • CD ROM 2 Electricity and Magnetism

The Times Key Stage 3 Physics is a very easy-to-use and well-presented multimedia CD-ROM that would appeal to children aged 11-14.

The program consists of two CD-ROMs that cover forces, motion and energy changes (including work on measuring forces and heat transfer processes) and electricity and magnetism (including work on circuit components and magnets and magnetic fields).

There is a section for parents that shows the objectives for each unit of work and gives answers. Parents can view the answers that children have given to questions.

Children are given an explanation of each unit of work and then undertake a quick quiz to test their understanding. For example, children have to fill in a table by calculating the turning moments of different masses on a pivot. Children work towards playing the bonus games and the mega quiz. These are revision exercises in the form of games that test the child’s knowledge of all the topics covered on the CD.

Children can also practise their labelling skills by working through the labelling zone and labelling diagrams from each of the sections (for example, electric circuits) in order to earn a certificate.

There is also an extended question zone that has 15 questions requiring longer answers. Unfortunately, there are no answers provided for this section, but it would give good practice.

The Times Key Stage 3 Physics would be a good resource to use with children aged 11-14 to consolidate what they have been learning at school or as a revision aid. The format would appeal to this age range of children and allow them to work independently. —Amanda York

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