Tweenies: Messy Time Magic (PC)

Tweenies: Messy Time Magic (PC)

  • Five fun activities
  • Make a jungle collage
  • Make bread with special Tweenie ingredients
  • Mix and match pictures and shapes for your Tweenies’ window
  • Put things in the recycling machine and see what comes out
  • Print and paint your creations

Messy Time Magic is one of a range of Fab-a-Rooney CD-ROMs and console games from the BBC, where the accent, as ever, is on fun and enjoyment

The package has been developed in line with the foundation stages of the National Curriculum. There are different skill levels, catering for different abilities for children aged three years and above. Children can have fun being imaginative and creative, but the biggest asset of all (as far as parents are concerned) is the fact that there is absolutely no mess!

All the games involve either making something on-screen, or producing a picture, which incidentally can be photographed when the photo icon appears. Six of the Tweenie characters play the games: Jake, Fizz, Milo and Bella, along with Izzles and Doodles, and the degree of difficulty depends on which character is chosen. Izzles is at level one (the easiest) and Bella is at level six (the trickiest), but don’t despair–Max is always on hand and available to provide friendly advice.

Use the eraser, wave the colour wand, make patterns, change sounds and take part in many other activities including “Recycling Fun”, “Dot-to-dot Magic”, “Window Wonder”, “Baking Surprise”, “Jungle Maker” and “Get Messy”, which introduces Judy, who will show you how to print out. While playing the games it is also possible to access video clips from the TV programmes.

Accompanying the CD-ROM is a wonderful colour pamphlet giving idiot-proof instructions for everything from installation to playing the games. Created with the kind of production values you would expect from the BBC, this well thought-out package will be loved by young Tweenie fans. —Susan Naylor

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