Typing Instructor Platinum 21 – Full UK English Version [Download]

Typing Instructor Platinum 21 - Full UK English Version [Download]

  • 100+ Professional Lessons & Tests
  • 20+ Complete Typing Plans for Beginner to Advanced Typists
  • Creative Ways to practice Typing
  • Exciting Travel Adventures Make Learning to Type Fun
Typing Instructor Platinum is the new typing leader with just the right blend of features to provide an educational, entertaining, and motivating experience for all learners, from beginning to advanced typists. Creative learning themes, fast moving, arcade-style games, and educational learning plans with seamless progression keep you engaged as you earn rewards, collect points, play challenging games, and increase your typing skills. Learn to type in English or Spanish.
Learn to Type or Improve Your Typing SkillsChoose from one of twenty educational typing plans, tailored for both keyboard and numeric keys and symbols. You may also design your own personal typing plan with lessons, tests and games, or import your personal typing content and music.
Exciting Travel Adventures Make Learning to Type FunTake a trip out of the traditional classroom setting on an adventure and learn to type as you travel the world, travel through time, or go on safari. Visit 36 destinations around the world on three unique travel themes. Tests and game challenges motivate you to improve your typing skills so you can advance to the next adventure and collect unique stamp rewards for your passport. When your passport is full of stamps you will be a touch typist!Creative Ways to practice TypingTake a break from your trip anytime and visit the practice Area where you can play challenging multi-level games in the arcade, practice typing magazine articles and literature, practice dictation, or design and practice personal lessons and tests.
100+ Professional Lessons & TestsImprove your typing speed and accuracy quickly with quality lessons and tests. Repetitive key stroking helps you build correct finger-to-key memory. Step-by-step lessons and tests are dynamically built from learned letters and words to help you build accurate typing skills.
Progress Reports Quickly Identify Your Strengths & WeaknessesA variety of graphs and charts show your typing proficiency over time. You may view results for each finger, row, key, or hand separately and view your personal results for all typing activities.
Dynamic Learning Helps Improve Weak AreasThe Dynamic Learning feature evaluates your typing results and determines your weak skill areas. Once identified, Typing Instructor automatically creates specific lessons for you to improve your weaknesses. You will improve quickly by focusing on the areas that need the most improvement.
Multi-Play Games Set a New Standard in Entertainment!Entertaining and challenging typing games offer multiple ways to play games for typists of all levels. Choose the length of time, words-per-minute, and level of difficulty. Typing Instructor Platinum has over 30+ game challenges that teach specific typing skills, such as speed, accuracy, rhythm, dexterity, and retention.
30+ Game ChallengesType the words on each pillar of the pyramid to change it to a new colour before the enemies ruin your plans in Ziggy. Use your retention and typing skills to find gold and jewels in Treasures of the Sunken City. Beware of giant sea creatures in Typing with Sharks and learn to type quickly and accurately to keep your submarine intact. Improve your key stroking by zapping space debris in Flotsam Fighter. Advance to the next level or fly through the skies in Diamond Glider’s rhythm typing adventure. All of Typing Instructor Platinum’s games have multiple levels of play to keep typing challenges fun and motivating.

System Requirements:
Processor:   none
RAM:   none
Hard Disk:   580 MB

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