WriteItNow 5: Creative Writing Software (Windows and Mac)

WriteItNow 5: Creative Writing Software (Windows and Mac)

  • Write, organise and store complete novels.
  • A place for all your background notes.
  • Word count, spell checker, thesaurus, readability, submissions tracker, targets.
  • Generate names, ideas and characters. Visualise layout with the Story Board.
  • Produce neatly formatted manuscripts. Free PDF manual.

PEGI rating 12 year
Country of Origin: United Kingdom.
WriteItNow is the ideal writing software for NOVICE AND EXPERIENCED WRITERS of fiction and non-fiction.

The CD runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10; and Mac OS X (10.7 and above)

ORGANIZATION is key in WriteItNow

• Drag chapters, scenes, events, and ideas to new locations
• View character relationships and events in charts
• View who does what, where and when in the storyline editor
• Visualise layout with the story board and story outline
• Keep everything for each project in a single file
• Restore from snapshots

WRITING TOOLS thesaurus, word count, readability check, cliche check, writing targets and more

EXPORT to produce a neatly formatted manuscript as a Word Doc, PDF, EPub or HTML file

IMPORT existing MS Word documents

The CD includes a comprehensive 300 page PDF manual

Fawn Germer (Pulitzer Prize Nominee) “I’ve finally found the software that sorts out the chaos in my brain”

J.R. Lankford (Novelist) “WriteItNow will enhance, rather than interfere with, the growth of a writer’s instincts and skills”

Robb Lightfoot, Lecturer “I intend to recommend WriteItNow to ALL my writing students”

Ranked#1 by TopTenReviews (2016) Best writing software among the 12 leading programs:

“Great character and story development combined with unique organizing capabilities”

Discount Price: £39.95
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