XBMC – Media Centre (Home Theatre) PC Software

XBMC - Media Centre (Home Theatre) PC Software

  • Play Movies, Music, and Pictures
  • 10 Foot User Interface (Suitable for reading and viewing 10 feet away).
  • Remote Controlled.
  • Watch Freeview TV through the internet (With Provided Plugin)
  • Access online content on services such as YouTube, Spotify, Grooveshark and Pandora Radio

Low cost yet feature rich practical alternative to Windows Media Centre. While this software functions very well as a standard media player application for your computer, it has been designed to be the perfect companion for your HTPC. Supporting an almost endless range of remote controls, and combined with its beautiful interface and powerful skinning engine, the software feels very natural to use from the couch and is the ideal solution for your home theatre Currently the software can be used to play almost all popular audio and video formats around. It was designed for network playback, so you can stream your multimedia from anywhere in the house or directly from the internet using practically any protocol available. Use your media as-is: the application can play CDs and DVDs directly from the disk or image file, almost all popular archive formats from your hard drive, and even files inside ZIP and RAR archives. It will even scan all of your media and automatically create a personalized library complete with box covers, descriptions, and fanart. There are playlist and slideshow functions, a weather forecast feature and many audio visualizations. Once installed, your computer will become a fully functional multimedia jukebox.

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