Zero to programming: Learn to code in multiple programming languages, build new technology and multiply your skills in just 21 days.

Zero to programming: Learn to code in multiple programming languages, build new technology and multiply your skills in just 21 days.

Often times during a conversation, we’re interested in HOW the other person knows so much of what they’re talking about, rather than WHAT they’re talking. The truth is, many will teach you what they know, but not HOW they attained that knowledge. This distinction is fundamental to why some people get stuck simply trying to learn one programming versus others who can pick on many technologies at once and build amazing things.

So, is it a limitation of oneself? Or, is it just a matter of choosing the right path?

Fortunately, it’s just the latter. The path you take during your journey of learning will determine how much you can accomplish. That is why, much emphasis has been paid on this book to minimize confusion on why a particular path is chosen.

Most programming courses, books and videos will teach you the actual technicalities of the programming language itself, thereby limiting your knowledge to only that particular language, often with not much scope to use them in the real world scenarios. While that works fine for learning in universities, it doesn’t help much if you want to compete in the real world.

Welcome to the real world

The real world expects you not to know just ONE programming language. It expects more than that. It expects you to know how to translate business requirements into technical implementations, with no regard to the technology you use. The real world expects you to know how to use, interact, deploy software systems in multiple programming languages to the cloud. The real world expects you to understand all the technical jargon used by consultants, partners, vendors and anyone else you may be interacting with whose time is billed by the hour. This book, will teach you to exactly accomplish all that.

Your questions

Some of the questions this book will help answer:

  • Where do I start? How do I learn to code??
  • Which programming language should I choose?
  • How do I know which technology stack to choose?
  • Why X? Why not Y??
  • How do I seek help if I’m stuck?

What you will learn

In this book, you will learn your first programming language, along with 3 other programming languages without getting lost into the details. You will also learn the blueprint to learning additional languages.

As you learn, you will build your first project to add to your portfolio. Whether you want to find a job, or start-up your first technology company, this book will show you the right path to get there.

Did you know?

In real life, the contents of this book have been used to teach beginners, students, executives to use programming to help improve their lives. Some have decided to start companies, some have used the outcome to find better paying jobs and others, simply have learned to automate their lives.

Tags: Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python

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